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This section contains PDF files of both individual items and sets manufactured by Vermont Islands. Click on any thumbnail to open the PDF file in your web browser.

If you have questions about a set or an item or would like to receive a quote or commission a design contact us or call a Vermont Islands sales representative toll-free at 1-866-345-4541

Sample Pre-production Drawings

Mobile Outdoor Buffet Cart Island

A sample mobile outdoor bar set pre-production drawings. These pages are representative of the preliminary package you will receive when commissioning work from Vermont Islands. The pre-production package is meant to adress the general scope of the project and can include details such as:

» set dimensions
» individual piece dimensions
» appliances schedule
» mechanicals layout
» special circumstances and delivery considerations work-arounds
» design appearance options

Sample Outdoor Kitchen Set

A sample mobile, modular outdoor kitchen set followed by spec sheet pages for the individual items that make up the set. These spec pages are representative of the specs you will receive when commissioning design work from Vermont Islands.

Custom Bar Projects

Custom Interior Projects

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