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6002 Bottle Cooler

Mobile Bottle Cooler Back Bar

The 6002 Bottle Cooler Back Bar is a functional piece for keeping beer and wine cold. It is similar in appearance to the 6001 Wait Station and 6000 Bus Station, with granite top shelf and optional fold-down locking doors for additional secure storage. The 60 inch NSF certified cooler by Glastender® has a capacity for 10.5 cases of long-neck bottles. This item is also available as a Bar Top model that aligns with the 7208 Commercial Bar, 9608 Commercial Bar and 6301 Bar Top Angle. Mobile Bottle Cooler Back Bar Mobile Bottle Cooler Bar

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Legacy Item. While we are still happy to make these old items for you, please also consider our new Designer Series line of mobile, portable bars and foodservice carts, stations and islands.