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7209 Deluxe Bar

Mobile Outdoor Bar

The 7209 Deluxe Bar is a 6 Foot Bar featuring a full 32" deep polished granite counter top and two 15" drawers and doors as well as a 24" opening for a stainless steel, 6 cubic foot refrigerator. A wood door with shelving behind is available as an option instead of a refrigerator. Add an optional canopy and glass rack for shade and stemware storage. Drop-in options such as an ice-bin or sink are also available with this model. Consider adding speed rails to cover drawer blanks in front of drop-in options. This is a great small bar for the deck, pool or patio and also serves as a lunch counter.

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Legacy Item. While we are still happy to make these old items for you, please also consider our new Designer Series line of mobile, portable bars and foodservice carts, stations and islands.